vNUMA, pNUMA, save your SQL Servers from certain DoomA

Speaker: Shawn Meyers

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

When presented with large SQL Server workloads in a virtual environment, which cross NUMA boundaries, it is very important to understand how the hypervisor presents vNUMA to the SQL Server virtual machine.  When there is a NUMA imbalance, it can have as much as a 40% impact on performance, causing a significant effect on your virtual environment.  In this session attendees will learn ways to optimize vNUMA including:
•	How vNUMA works across different processors; and the ways that Intel and AMD are different
•	Methods for determining if a NUMA imbalance exists
•	Which settings at the hypervisor, or virtual machine level, should be changed to ensure the best performance

Accompanying Material

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